Strap Pictures

This page shows some of our custom guitar strap creations.  These are examples of what we offer.  We can make guitar straps like these custom designed to your specifications.  We can also use these styles as a starting point for what you want in a strap.


Western Figure Carving Style Strap 

This beautiful personalized guitar strap features traditional figure carving.  The two photos on the left show the strap before it was finished with optional buckstitching.  This custom strap was finished in a leather dressing that allows the natural beauty of veg tanned leather to show through.  It also includes our super comfortable padded suede backing.

















Here we have a custom guitar strap made for legendary Telecaster wizard Redd Volkaert.  The graphics are a triple sided basket weave.  This strap was “saddle stiched” by hand.  This finish is a stain called “Chocolate Cherry”.




















Ralph Lauren “Relic” Strap

We were contacted by the very nice folks at Ralph Lauren Fashions about producing a custom guitar strap for a television advertising campaign.  They needed something that looked vintage and worn to promote their American Living clothing line, which is made especially for JC Penney.  After a conference call with their production people, this is the design we settled on.  It almost seemed like a shame to abuse this nice, new guitar strap like that but we beat it up pretty good.  You can view a video of the commercial at The strap is worn by one of the members of Rascal Flatts.  If you look closely, you can see it being worn by the guy on the left onstage with the red guitar.  After pressing the play button, you can enlarge the video by clicking on the button in the bottom righthand corner.  You can see the strap at around 22 seconds into  the video.

















This gorgeous rose pattern custom guitar strap features some of our most detailed carving and coloring to date.  The blown up photo on the right only begins to capture the true depth of shading and luminescence offered in the finish.







































This personalized guitar strap is a traditional basketweave finished in a dye color called “Cranberry” and trimmed in the always classic double loop lace.  The strap is 2″ wide with a smooth backing.  This strap was presented to Pearl Jam lead guitarist Mike McCready by Advocacy for Patients in recognition for  his outstanding charitable and philanthropic contributions.













We designed this custom rhinestoned gem of a guitar strap for LA rockabilly gal Kim Lenz.  We coupled the rhinestones with a white running stitch and western floral carving.  We doubled up on the clear coat to achieve that super deep shine.
























This personalized guitar strap was created for Austin, Texas recording artist Jim Stringer.  The strap features a full length floral pattern carving motif.  Western style letters and double loop lace add the finishing touches.  Jim has long been one of Austin’s most celebrated guitarists and we are honored to have him as part of the Guit Strips family.



















#8                       #9

We were approached by a client who asked if we had ever made any custom guitar straps in the Celtic tradition.  We soon discovered that there was an endless array of options in this genre.  The two on the left are only a sampling of the dozens of Celtic designs we have to offer.  The gold graphics on the left one are particularly stunning in the sunlight!




















This custom guitar strap features a galaxy full of stars against a thistle purple sky. It also has a pair of Starberry conchos, smooth backing, and acoustic guitar strap button taper.  




























This one is a cowboy’s dream featuring Texas 3D star conchos, a carved lily scroll pattern, and an Elite Ranger buckle set against a timber brown background.




























These two custom  custom straps were commissioned for national touring artist Amilia K. Spicer.  The one on the left is a padded acoustic guitar strap featuring saddle-stitching and a dye color called cranberry.  The one on the right is a mandolin strap with long headstock tie strings.



























A customer in Singapore ordered this custom guitar strap for a friend in Liverpool, England, answering once and for all the question, “Do you do international shipping?”.























Traditional Basket Weave Strap


























Personalized Custom Guitar Strap

This custom strap features some really nice sterling silver and gold slotted conchos and is highlighted with a silver whipstich.




















Classic Oak Leaves and Acorns

The leather was left the natural color and only finished in a Carnuba Cream topcoat.




















This client sent us some photos of the tattoes he has and said he wanted a custom guitar strap to match.  This strap is 3-1/2″ wide with a slick backing.



















This client wanted a custom strap that is as eye catching as his banjo.  So, we photographed and traced the pattern from the resonator.  And after a lot of color matching and head-scratching, he now has a strap to match this beautiful instrument.





























Electric Mandolin Strap

We really enjoyed making this custom sunburst Mandolin strap.  It’s so cool to match a strap to an instrument.  Your instrument and strap could be the next selection for our photo gallery!






This is a Braille guitar strap designed for country music legend Ronnie Milsap.




















These custom western diamondback rattlesnake guitar straps are among the all-time classics.  The double loop lace on the first strap provides a great accent to the natural variations within the snakeskin.  We had a difficult time getting a good photograph of the silver letter conchos, but they really fire up under the stage lights.  The second was trimmed with silver buckstitch and a black and white name badge.  The contrast in color between the two straps is purely a coincidence of nature.
























This is a 3″ wide tri-weave basket pattern featuring a large flower and religious emblem.  This custom guitar strap was finished in a color called Canyon Tan and features hand-sewn saddle stitch.




















These graphics were created to match the customer’s CD cover art.  We added the white buckstitch to jazz it up even more.

























Custom Color Padded Deluxe Strap

We matched this one up with a gorgeous jazz bass.  We created an entirely new finishing process for this   one and then capped it off with a suede backing and classy black buckstitch.















Classic Scrolls  with Silver Hardware

This is a timeless style in leatherworking.




















This is a 3-1/4″ wide padded “Ranger Style” strap.   It features a 1-1/2″ wide Rope Edge buckle and 2 Silver Ranger Star conchos.  We left the body of this one pretty plain, but you can have yours as ornate as you wish.



























These are our new style custom Dobro straps with innovative easy on/easy off design.






















This is a 3-1/2″ wide tapered back personalized guitar strap.  This color is called Raisin Mahogany.




















Oh Canada!  One of our neighbors to the north asked if we could put his  name and hockey jersey number on a guitar strap with maple leafs for a border.  He wanted the leather to be left its natural color with slightly darker graphics.  Over time this strap will darken a bit, adding even more character as it ages. 















Paisley Crazy!!!

We had been wanting to do a strap in a paisley motif for a long time.  When this customer asked about a paisley pattern we jumped at the chance.  The strap was finished in a mahogany stain and the letters were left natural.






















This one was commissioned as a gift to an elder of the Choctaw nation.  We were honored to fulfill the request of including the Choctaw seal along with a striking prairie dust concho.




















This is a black version of our very popular Cowboy Dream style strap.  We equipped this one with a simple but elegant smooth buckle set.

























This is our Junior Cowpoke series.  Smaller guitar straps for smaller pickers  Is there one of these in the future for your little buckaroo?
























Belt Conversion Straps

This is where we take your favorite old belt (or ones we find that we like) and convert them into one of a kind custom guitar straps.  All sorts of possibilities exist when you combine an old belt with new leather and/or colors.  Often times this is the most economical means of acquiring a truly unique guitar strap.  Belt Conversion Straps start at $50. The strap in the middle and on the right  was made from a great old leather belt that was showing the ravages of time.  After creating a design for a strap using it, we made the new parts, re dyed and refinished the belt, and married it off to a beautiful precision bass.
















Eric Church Strap

This strap was made for 2011 ACM Top Solo New Artist winner Eric Church.  He also wore this custom guitar strap when playing at the ACM award show in Las Vegas on April 3, 2011.  This black leather strap showcases flames made of silver snakeskin along with silver buckstitch and lettering on the tailpiece.  Congratulations, Eric!



























  After we made Eric’s first strap, his brother and mother contacted us to ask about surprising him with a second one. Eric’s new album “Chief” was about to come out. Eric’s grandfather had been the police chief in the town he was raised in and his mom found his grandpa’s old badge for us to include on the strap. Christmas morning photos say it all!



















Zebra Style Straps

Get your Zebra in whatever color you would like. Select a width and backing option, then show your stripes.



















This one was made to match the headstock art on a custom crafted reduced scale Les Paul style guitar.  We did the script and the ducks to match the headstock and the lettering in the owner’s favorite color – orange.






















Vance came to us asking if we could match the font on one of his bass amps.  He even knew what it was called and where we could find photos.




















Texas Lonestar Tribute

This guitar strap was presented to legendary Texas country artist Johnny Bush in recognition of one million radio spins of his song “Whiskey River”. This custom strap features a beautiful jeweled Texas concho.  We show it here before and after we added white whipstitching.  It also includes our incredibly comfortable padded suede backing.













Gold Flake Finish

This strap is finished in a stain that contains little flakes of gold dust.  Although it is very subtle, the highlights are dramatic in the light.

















This strap is 3″ wide, padded with silver buckstitch and has a rope edge buckle.  Kim wanted her artwork on the tail end of this strap.  she said the guitar that it was going with was burnt orange, so we found that color for her letters.




















These are reminiscent of legendary straps such as the one worn by Merle Haggard. 


















This one was ordered as a gift for a “nature loving friend”.  The client said her friend loved the outdoors, so we made this strap featuring the colors Forrest Green and Timber Brown.


























Biker Inspired Straps

These straps feature some of our biker motif stamps and conchos.
















Slider Pad Style Straps

These comfortable straps can be fashioned in an endless array of styles.  The straps here are shown in Dusty Rose Pink and Goldenrod.  The one on the far right is natural colored with a flashy Amber Canyon Buckle set.























These are some of our best selling and most affordable custom name strap styles.



















This is a 3” plain black tailpiece adjustable strap with the acoustic taper on the front end.  This strap on the left is classic as is and also provides an excellent platform for additions such as conchos or names and graphics.  The strap on the right received the dress-up treatment with painted white letters, a card deck heart concho, and hand sewn saddle stitching.